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Comprehensive Financial Planning

In a world with fewer guarantees, it is important to develop financial goals and plan for reaching them.  This ongoing service is done under the direction of a Certified Financial Planner™, adhering to the six step financial planning process as articulated by the CFP® Board of Standards

Retirement Planning

People are living longer. There are questions about the future of Social Security. The demise of defined-benefits has left employees largely responsible for their own retirement savings. Our goal is to ensure that your retirement years are financially secure by reviewing your current employer's plan, providing guidance during employment changes and implementing various additional retirement options if warranted. The key is planning as far in advance as possible.

Tax Planning

Integrating tax preparation with investment service enables us to look at each client's overall financial picture. Therefore, tax returns are always prepared with each client's investment portfolio in mind; just as each investment portfolio is designed with a client's tax situation in mind. Various strategies are used to help reduce tax liability and take advantage of tax-deferred and potential tax-deductible investment opportunities. A dollar saved on taxes is the same as an extra dollar earned. Maximize your net worth by minimizing your taxes to the greatest extent permitted by law.

College Tuition Planning

Many private colleges are already exceeding $50,000 per year! In addition, college inflation has greatly exceeded the CPI for two decades. And the financial aid system is failing many. Help your children or grandchildren attend the college of their choice.

Pension Option Analysis and Planning

Many retirees are offered a variety of pension choices. Picking the right one can mean the difference between comfort and struggle in retirement. Planning for this well in advance of your retirement is crucial.

Insurance Planning

We will help you assess what financial risks you face and devise solutions for mitigating or eliminating that risk, as well as formulating appropriate risk transfer strategies. Unforeseen events can put a damper on even the most well thought out financial plan. It is important to anticipate the possibility of these events and lessen their potential damage in the most cost effective manner for you and your beneficiaries.

Long Term Care Planning

Care for the elderly, whether in a nursing home, another facility or at home can exceed $100,000 per year. We can guide you in evaluating your risk and determine the appropriate strategies for dealing with these risks.

Estate Planning

This is the process of planning the transfer of your estate to the persons or parties that you would like to receive it. Combined federal and state taxation rates can exceed 50% in some cases. You should be planning now to preserve your hard earned assets, and minimize tax liabilities for your beneficiaries.